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Book Reviews, Op-Ed Pieces, and Letters

(since 2000)




Daponte.  November 9, 2008.  “A Flawed Approach to School Discipline.”  The Connecticut Post. 

Daponte.  2007.  “Counting Iraqi Casualties.”  Opinion piece written for Project Syndicate,

          translated into 8 languages, distributed worldwide.   Published in newspapers in Europe,

          South America, the Middle East, and Asia. 

Daponte.  August 2003.  “Too Small for Its Britches?”  Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. 

Daponte.  February 2003.  Piece on Iraqi Casualties.  Le Monde Diplomatique (translated into 9


Daponte.  December 12, 2001.  “Feeding Those in Need.”  Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

Daponte and Sabina Deitrick.  June 2001.  “Jobs First, Immigrants Next.”  Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

Daponte and Sabina Deitrick.  October 28, 2000.  “Pittsburgh’s Mistake.”  Pittsburgh Tribune-


Daponte.  February 2001.  Discussion of “Contextual and Dietary Factors Associated with

          Reported Food Insecurity among a Sample of Canadian Women Using Food Banks” by

          Valerie Tarasuk.  Second Food Security Measurement and Research Conference, Volume       

         I: Proceedings (FANRR-11-1), Economic Research Service, USDA.  P. 50.

Daponte.  July 2000.  Book Review of Toward an End to Hunger in America by Peter K. Eisinger. 

          The Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science, 570:199-200.

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