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Research & Evaluation Reports

Daponte and Jana Asher.  September 2010.  “A Hypothetical Cohort Model of Human

          Development.”  Human Development Research Paper (2010/40). 

Gaye, Amie, Liliana Carvajal, Milorad Kovacevic, and Daponte.  2010.  “Measuring gender

          inequality and women’s empowerment: Alternative measures to the GEM and GDI.” 

          Human Development Research Paper

Daponte Beth Osborne, and Hu Difei: "Technical Note on Re-Calculating the HDI, Using Projections of

          Components of the HDI", April 2010, United Nations Development Programme, Human

          Development Report Office.

Daponte. August 2009.  “Evaluation Plan:  Learning Centers of the Norwalk Housing Authority.” 

          Final Evaluation Report to the Norwalk Housing Authority. 

Daponte.  June 2009.  “Christian Community Action’s Evaluation Plan:  Advocacy and Education

          Project and No More Crumbs Program.”

Daponte. December 2008.  An Examination of Connecticut’s Healthy Start Program, 2006-2007. 

          Final Evaluation Report to the Healthy Start Working Group.

Daponte.  July 2008.  Evaluation Report on the Second Global Meeting on Implementing New and

          Under-Utilized Vaccines.  Evaluation Report to the World Health

          Organization/Immunizations, Vaccines, and Biologicals.

Daponte.  January 2008.  “An Examination of the Horizons Program.”  Evaluation Report to

          Horizons National. 

Daponte, Lynn Edmunds.  August 2007.  “Changes in the Body Mass of Infants and Children on

          WIC, 1989-2005.”  Report to the Food Assistance Research Branch of New York State. 

McDevitt, Suzanne and Daponte.  July 2006.  An Examination of Food Assistance Availability to

          Residents of Rural Pennsylvania.  Report to the Rural Center of Pennsylvania. 

Cook, Andrew and Daponte.  2005.  An Age-Period-Cohort Analysis of the Rise in the Prevalence of

          the U.S. Population Overweight and/or Obese.  Institute for Research on Poverty, Discussion

          Paper.  DP# 1296-05

Daponte and Mel Stephens.  2004.  The Relationship between Food Assistance, the Value of Food

          Acquired, and Household Food Security.  JCPR Working Paper 351, 03-17-2004.

AuYeung, Felix, Daponte, Suzanne McDevitt, and Joyce Rothermel.  November 2001.  Hunger in

          Southwestern Pennsylvania, 2001.  Report produced by the Greater Pittsburgh Community

          Food Bank.    

Daponte and Amelia M. Haviland.  2001.  An Examination of the Quality of 1990 Census Data on the

          U.S. Child Population: Comparing Census Data with Data from Administrative Records.  Report  

          to the Census Monitoring Board, Presidential Members.

Daponte and Shannon Bade.  September 2000.  The Evolution, Cost, and Operation of the Private

          Food Assistance Network.  Institute for Research on Poverty, Discussion Papers. 

          DP# 1211-00.

Daponte and Shannon Bade.  June 1999.  The Impact of Welfare Reform on Food Pantry Users in

          Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, 1998.  Report to the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food

          Bank, sponsored by the Forbes Fund.

Daponte, Stephen Fienberg, Joseph Kadane, and Duane Steffey.  March 13, 1999.  "Sampling

          and Census 2000-- Methodological Issues: Report to the Donner Foundation."

Daponte, Dempsey, J., Farber, A., Groark, C., McCall, R. and Plemons, B.  1998.  "Home Visiting in

          Allegheny County: The Potential, the Reality, the Future."  Report for Allegheny County

          Children and Youth Services.  Pittsburgh, PA.  University of Pittsburgh Office of Child


Daponte and Lara Wolfson.  February 1996.  "Population Projections for Lesotho for the

          Highlands Water Project."  Report for TAMS Consultants/Government of Lesotho.

Daponte.  August 1995.  How Many People Live in Soweto?  Results from the 1995 Soweto Population

          Survey.  Report to the Greater Johannesburg Transitional Metropolitan Council. 

          Johannesburg: Human Rights Institute of South Africa.

Daponte.  1995.  "Private versus Public Relief:  Utilization of Food Pantries Versus Food Stamps

          Among Poor Households."  Madison, Wisconsin:  Institute for Research on Poverty

          Discussion Paper.

Trutko, John, Daponte and Susan Beck.  May 1991.  "Options for Developing a System of Medical

          Care for the General Assistance Adult Population in the State of Delaware."  Report to the

          State of Delaware, James Bell Associates.

Rubinstein, Robert and Daponte.  1987.  "The State of the Child in Illinois and New York: A

         Comparison of Published Data."  Chapin Hall Center for Children.

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