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United Nations General Assembly Reports

Daponte, Janice Muir, Jennifer Schmidt, Johan Tejpar.  March 12, 2012. Programme evaluation of

          performance and achievement of results: United Nations peacekeeping activities in the    

          Democratic Republic of the Congo. United Nations:  A/66/741. 

Daponte, Jessica Guo, Claes Nilssen.  March 12, 2012.  Programme evaluation of the United Nations

          Stabilization Mission in Haiti.  United Nations:  A/66/740.

Daponte, Demetra Arapakos, Yee Woo Guo, and Christa Lex.  March 28, 2011.  Strengthening the

          role of evaluation and the application of evaluation findings on programme design, delivery and

          policy directives. United Nations: A/66/71. 

Daponte, Jessica Guo, and Claes Nilssen.  February 28, 2011.  Thematic evaluation of cooperation

          between the Department of Peacekeeping Operations/Department of Field Support and Regional

          Organizations.  United Nations: A/65/762. 

Daponte and Roland Bill.  February 23, 2011.  Programme evaluation of the performance and the

          achievement of results by the United Nations in Sudan (UNMIS).  United Nations: A/65/752.

Daponte, Arild Hague and Emily Hampton-Manley.  July 23, 2009.  Evaluation of the integrated    

          global management initiative of the Department for General Assembly and Conference

          Management.  United Nations: A/64/166.

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